How to play clash of clans on mac

Play Clash of Clans on Mac/PC

Each player in this game has a land for building their village. According the game, your duty is protect your village from attacks and build it up, join a clan with another players and make it be a good alliance for trading troops and other things.

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For more information about this game, you can read at Wikipedia and see through these screenshots and gameplay video. There are many guys can run this game on Windows by Bluestack, but this method does not work on map cause of it just be a beta version on Mac OS. First, you need to download Genymotion and Virtualbox. Install both them and download this file , open it and extract.

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Click to the OVF file then choose Import. Have fun with Clash of Clans on your Macbook! Permalink 12 Comments. You do not only have to protect yourself but protect and lead your village people as well. Sounds like a wonderful adventure yet quite exhausting.

Many of us would not want to be in these kind of situations for real! Clash of Clans takes you to the old times through the screen placed in front of your eyes.

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You are made the leader of a village where you have to take care of everything, command the citizens, lead them, feed them, give them skills and opportunities, and when the time comes, fight to protect them. With millions of players worldwide, Clash of Clans is simply one of the best strategy based games available for smartphones and tablets.

What’s New in Clash of Clans?

The best thing about this game is the online interaction with players from different regions. This way, you will not get bored and you will face new and creative challenges every day.

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A game like this is more suitable for big screens of computer. Clash of Clans on computer looks much better and its very fun to play.

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  • You can play Clash of Clans on PC just the way you played in on your smartphone or tablet. The only two changes include pinch in and pinch out feature is done using up and down arrow keys while all touch based features are used with left click of mouse.