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I set the program to run in a virtual desktop in x resolution and had great success all the way through yesterday. However, when I try to load the game today it opens in full-screen mode no matter what changes I make in the Wineskin within the wrapper package.

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All the settings were still correct when I ran it, though I've tinkered with them since then to try and get some kind of change. It still wants to run in full-screen mode. What can I do? I am also having this issue. I have been running Jagged Alliance 2 in wineskin for a few days and it was running happily in a virtual desktop. Suddenly today it refuses to run anything but fullscreen. Info: Wineskin 2. I don't really know how its possible.

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Code code Display code syntax with line numbers and color highlights. Comment comment Display a comment area for any specified object. Can you resolve the incompatibily with Windows 10 please? Hvatof View Profile View Posts. I've got problems with Yosemite Is there any solution? I have problems accessing fullscreen on an Imac running I did manage to take over dressen airport and mine by just having the OsX Ctrl-Mouse roll zoomed in but it was quite uncomfortable. However just a moment ago I launched the game from steam and it went fullscreen!

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Neat game though. Originally posted by Raidor dph :. Originally posted by bunnyfaint :. Time to kill some baddies in Arrulco Originally posted by jasseb :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 8 Apr, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. There is still a problem. JA2W Crash out after i start it!! Win 10 x

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