How to share a printer on mac os x server

In terms of a full-blown printer server this is an area that - gasp!

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Windows server can even push both settings and the printer driver itself to Windows clients. While Apple do not really provide any solution to do this for Macs - at least one worth mentioning there are some third-party solutions for Macs but none as good as Microsoft's Windows offering. Firstly there is JAMF Casper Suite, this is not free but can push settings and drivers to Macs and can even automatically push or remove a different set of drivers and settings depending on where your Mac is located e. They even recently added the ability to use Bluetooth iBeacons to more accurately detect a Macs location for this.

This level of automation is what Apple should have provided themselves. Other than Casper Suite it generally involves a lot more hard work on the part of a network administrator but there are some free tools. If you used Printer-Setup with Munki you could make it a self-service solution to both add and remove queues but frankly your average user cannot be relied on to do this - not even something as simple as a single click.

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Casper Suite can completely and totally automate this based on the location of the computer so there is no need to involve hands on IT configuration and no need to rely of the dubious abilities of a mere user. By the way, what I do to simplify things is specifically install all the printer drivers I need as part of imaging new computers via DeployStudio. I don't - yet, automate adding printer queues and settings. I can then manually just add a network printer without being nagged to first install the driver.

If a new version of a printer driver comes out then either it is provided by Apple Software Update Server, or pushed by my Munki setup.

Why Print to a Central Location?

As mentioned I have not yet setup pushing queues and settings. Many thanks to your detailed answer that has resolved my issue. I'll try creating a file share to store the driver and the scripts. May 18, AM. More Less. Communities Contact Support.

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    • Schweiz - Deutsch. Singapore - English. South Africa - English. Again each click of network or server may take several minutes to load without any indication that it is busy. Depending on if you are authenticated, you may next get prompted for a username and password to view the shares on the server. You will need to enter your domain credentials. After this you will see the list of shared printers. The printer will not be installed and usable. Securing and Restricting Mac OS X Printing A common issue that comes up when using either of these forms of printing, are ensuring the user printing from Mac is the correct user so their printing can be managed and tracked properly.

      How to Share Printers Between Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs on a Network

      Consider these two scenarios. Situation B: Using Printing Via Windows Shares, but a user has saved their password In this case, all print jobs are sent as the first user who happened to click Save my password. In a print tracking scenario, this would show a false statistic regarding who is actually printing each job. This add-on option requires explicit authentication on each print job by interacting with the Authentication Module running on each Mac.

      This will provide the following functionality, on top of all of the tracking and control functionality included with Print Manager Plus. Obtaining Mac Drivers This final section includes some tips for obtaining Mac versions of drivers for the various models of printers that exist.

      Adding a Windows Printer in OS X

      Below are three most common means of finding and selecting a driver. Source A: The Print Manufacturer - Preferred The most popular source of drivers is through your printer manufacturers website.

      How to Share a Network Printer in Mac OS X Snow Leopard

      Browsing their support. Known Issues: In rare situations, a manufacturer will not provide any Mac drivers for their device. In rare situations, the driver they provide may support the LPD method of printing described above. Source B: Third Party Drivers such as Gutenprint - Alternative If you are having trouble obtaining drivers for your printer, or are having trouble getting them to work via the LPD print server, you may want to consider third party drivers.

      Gutenprint, also known as Gimp-Print is an open source community project designed to provide fully functional drivers for a large variety of print devices. Known Issues: The list is vast, but does not support all printers. May not provide all of the advanced printing options your device is capable of.