Comment faire les accents sur un mac

Would you simply add them to the template? But loading inputenc and fontenc is likely to be ok. If the publisher provides a style file but you submit camera ready PDF based on the style, then using any engine you like should be fine, and therefore loading the packages you need.


AlanMunn thanks, that's well-put. I suppose the only remaining issue is to make sure the result doesn't stray from the publisher's fonts. I think Kit already covered this in their answer from five years ago , no?

This answer is a surely duplicate, as already noted by Au I flagged it for deletion. HenriMenke, I'm sorry you feel that way; I think this answer much more clearly answers the question than Kit's answer. In face, I remember seeing this thread during my research and having to continue looking for the answer because it seems "buried" above. This answer is very helpful--definitely not a duplicate.


Kit's answer doesn't show how to produce a grave or acute accent using characters on a standard US keyboard layout. Hendrik Vogt I tried and I couldn't make it work for any accented letter, although it works for a lot of usual mathematical signs. Thorsten Donig : For languages other than English you can choose a semiautomatic input selection. German character not rendered to pdf You could choose another way of input encoding by the selinput package from the oberdiek bundle.

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Add Keyboard Layouts

Featured on Meta. Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta! Unicorn Meta Zoo 7: Interview with Nicolas. Linked I tried the same idea when opening files in ISO but I failed to change the encoding default. I really need to find a solution in ISO which produces and reads ISO by default, do you think is possible? Mail: cedric. I am actually unable to reproduce this and the chosen encoding sticks for me.

How To Write Foreign Character Accents Using Your Chromebook

What version of RStudio and R are you using? Can you tell me the output of the following commands:. Also a workaround although not the solution , is to choose the "re-open with encoding" if you see a file that is wrong. I still cannot reproduce the problem of the chosen default encoding not working on Windows.

How to Type French Accents on Your Keyboard

Mac users have a little easier time of it. Click for Instructions for either platform. Using the Dictateur As mentioned above, the appropriate dictation will appear. Before listening to the dictation, you can click on the little eye icon, beside the "Texte complet" box, to see the whole text and study it to see what problems you foresee. You can only do this at the beginning of the dictation, before you listen to anything. Once you have started, the complete text is unavailable.

You can then listen to the whole dictation if you wish, by clicking on the "Play" button next to the eye, or listen to the different segments individually. You do this by clicking the 'A' or 'B' sometimes "C" voice buttons.

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There will be buttons for as many voices are available. The dictations can also be played by pressing 'ctrl-1', 'ctrl-2' 'command-1 and 'command-2' on Mac. You can return to the current segment by pressing the return button beside the navigation buttons.