How to uninstall skype on mac

Step 4 : Remove the remaining associated files. This will show you the folders associated with the app.

How to Close Skype Account

Ensure that your filter is set to Preferences and not This Mac. Proceed to drag the associated folders into the trash. Move all of the results to the trash. Then empty your trash to delete all the files.

Best For: If your Mac is not in desperate need of clearing massive storage space and you just need a one-time uninstallation of an app. AppCleaner , like its name says, is a free third-party uninstaller app that allows you to thoroughly remove unwanted apps in a drag-and-drop manner. We had a detailed review of the app in this article. You will see that on the right-hand side of the webpage, there are different versions to download. Make sure you check your macOS version first and download the correct version of AppCleaner accordingly.

You can do this by clicking on the Apple icon at the top right, then clicking on About This Mac. Next, open a Finder window and go to Applications. Proceed to drag your Skype application into the AppCleaner window. Best For: Those of you who need to free up more storage space on your Mac — i. CleanMyMac is one of our favorite solutions.


We run the app regularly to clean up our Macs and the app never fails to deliver its promise. In addition, it actually includes a dozen features that allow you to do many things, including uninstalling third-party apps in bulk. Then follow the four steps as indicated in the screenshot above. On the main screen, click on Uninstaller.

The default filter is Sort by Name so everything is listed in alphabetical order. You should easily find Skype by scrolling down.

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How to Uninstall & Reinstall Skype on Mac (3 Methods with Steps)

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How to Uninstall Skype?

Loading page content. User profile for user: macjack macjack. May 6, AM in response to bbates In response to bbates With Apple apps, all you need to do is drag the app to the trash. Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: dialabrain dialabrain.

Mac OS X Speciality level out of ten: 1. May 6, AM in response to macjack In response to macjack macjack wrote: With Apple apps, all you need to do is drag the app to the trash.

1. Uninstalling Skype with the Traditional Way (Manually)

The following instructions are for customers who have standalone versions of Skype for Business. If you don't see Skype for Business listed, then you're using a version that's integrated with other Office apps. The only way to uninstall it is to remove all of Office from your computer. If the above instructions don't work for you, then another option is to disable it in your registry. You can uninstall Skype for Business on Mac so you don't see it on your Dock in a few easy steps.

Press Control and click at the same time. Choose Quit. Scroll to Skype for Business. Drag and drop it into the Trash.

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  6. If this procedure doesn't solve the problem, use the more detailed procedure in How to do a clean uninstallation of Skype for Business on Mac.