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One such kind of software is developed by Wondershare which comes with an advanced download manager. Wondershare AllMyTube is a windows software program which permits the users to download the preferred web videos on their computer and convert the video to be played on portable devices. It is a simple interface with advanced features with which the handlers could work with a wide range of video websites.

Now Wondershare has released a new major version 5. Processing index data Processing glossary data Processing full-text search data Finished processing full-text search data in 1 sec s. Processing context-sensitive help data Applying screen layout page Topic to topics Compilation complete. I don't know if this is related, but I think there might be something messed up with the screen layouts. If I try to any layout from the Gallery, it gives me this:.

It gets past this "already exists" error and I can generate, but then I still get the first "Failed to Generate" error.

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I've been working on a series of drawings in a project on my iPad Pro. For the past two weeks, I've consistently been working on drawings with layers I'm creating a stop motion animation and drawing the art on here and it has been running fine. After a while it started taking a while to fill color, like 30 seconds to fill a random part. The art isn't very detailed, it's a simple art style.

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Now it has gotten to the point where I cannot do anything in this document. When I zoom out, the screen doesn't budge until another 30 seconds or so. I cannot fill color, zoom in or out the art also disappears while doing so , drawing lines is hard because they don't appear until a few seconds after, my layers panel doesn't display the art on that layer, and it just doesn't load anything. I don't know what happened. Everything is updated, I barely have any files on my iPad, it was working a few days ago, I've restarted it, deleted programs, I deleted my other projects to see if maybe it was overloading, but it is still horrible.

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What could it be? When I try to save my work to a Creative Cloud Library, I am not allowed to save the layers or smart objects I've tried the Photoshop preferences, Window, and View tabs, but I don't see a way to change these settings. I've attached a screen shot to show what I'm talking about. Thanks for your help! I am currently working on an audio strip that contains an interview of a friend for a video that I first worked on in Premiere Pro -- I merely wanted to reduce the background noise within the clip so I exported and imported the clip into Adobe Audition.

This is my first time using Audition so I was following some tutorials and it had me take the 'noise print' of the background noise I wanted to eliminate and although it did minimize a majority of the noise in the background it seemed to greatly affect the main audio foundation of the interview. Then my friend's voice became very gurgily and some what metallic.

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The tutorial did advise me that this would happen since noise reduction process is a very finicky and powerful tool. Later the tutorial had me use 'adaptive noise reduction' to take care of this gurgily and metallic sound. However, this only took care of some more background noise and hardly touched the distorted sound that was affected after reducing the noise.

I had the noise reduction bar setting in 'noise reduction process' around 80dB and the 'reduce by' setting at My advance settings were:. I didn't think that was too bad and I recorded everything on a rode mic. I have fiddled with these settings all I can, having some up and some down and nothing seems to get rid of this metallic gurgily effect. Honestly, I have followed many tutorials about this issue but I can't seem to find one that can directly pinpoint that gurgily after effect once the noise reduction is applied.

Any help to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone! I subscribed to Adobe Cloud and have had tons of issues with the product and with Adobe customer support. Every time I call I am outsourced to a call center in India and they are pretty ruthless. A lady hung up on me, three of the representative and two managers were defensive — they were right and I was wrong and that was present from the very beginning.

They were not empathetic or showed any concern or want to resolve an issue. I have never experienced this kind of customer service in my life and based strictly on this factor my view on Adobe is rather poor. I do not recommend anyone to subscribe to their services. There is a lot to this story, but to sum it up, it's particularly about one major issue. My reason for complaint was to get a refund and close my account due to the fact that my credit card was updated without my consent.

Mi consulta es si puedo aplicarlo grabando la imagen en un pendrive, colocarlo en el USB de atras y aplicar. Un gran saludo! Hola buena tarde resete mi tv box 4k H haciendo clip en el boton q tiene en la entrada AV y segui cada paso pero la pantalla se pone en verde y de ahi no arranca que podria hacer para salvarla agradezco su pronta respuesta feliz tarde. Hola buenas tardes!!!! Compre una de estas cajas NXQ Pro. Y no se porque vienen con permisos Root.

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Yo los programas ueuiero usar no me permitan que tenga esos permisos habilitados, Resulta que descargue super su para sacar los permisos y ni alcance a usarlo que luego de instalarlo y actualizar se congelo la flamante MXQ Pro. Vida util…. Estoy tratando por todos los medios hacer que funcione de alguna manera y nada. Hola buenas tardes, tengo dos problemitas: Uno: tengo un h96 max que ya no me encendio en la pantallita dice BOOT, Dos: tengo otro MXQ que se pasa reiniciando a cada rato. Que puedo hacer, como consigo el cable. Hola yo tengo el mismo pero es android 6.

Buenas tardes Dario, instale la actualizacion de firmware a la tv box mxq pro 4 k, instado perfectamente, pero no me conecta a wifi ni me lo activa, siempre aparece apagado , que puedo hacer? Hola me a pasado con varios equipos en rkbacktool detecta el equipo para actualizar actualiza todo okey,pero como que la luz del tv box se pone azul mas tenue y ahora directamente no lo detecta el backtool , como hago para que lo detecte , saludos coridlaes.

Buenas tardes Dario, tengo una MXQ Pro 4k, y al encenderla directamente entra a la pantalla de booteo, hay posibilidad de bajar el soft gratuitamente, me abre una pagina una pagina de dropbox y no puedo bajar la firmware, necesito los archivos para repararla el micro que tiene dice mxqpro-rka-1G-8G.

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Hola como estas , puede ser que sea dificil navegar en facebook , no me deja bajar por elemplo para ver el perfil entero y tambien cuando entro a you tube no empiezan los videos, que tengo que hacer para arreglarlo , saludos. Tengo el mqx pro con android 7. Y se me reinicia permanete. Esta andando y de repente se reinicia. Sign me up for the newsletter!

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