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Out of Office Auto-Reply in Outlook for Mac

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Add new comment. Apple's native Mail application in macOS lacks a specific option for enabling out-of-office replies, but there is another way you can set them up on a Mac, and that's with Rules. It's worth bearing in mind at the outset that your Mac needs to be powered on for this out-of-office method to work.

That's because Apple Mail rules are only applied locally to incoming emails, and aren't active on the server side. If you're looking for a longer term out-of-office solution, you'll want to check out Vacation mode in iCloud Mail, which we cover in the second part of this tutorial. Click this link to jump there now. Select the Rules tab. In the Rules dialog box that appears, click the Add Rule button and give the rule an identifiable description, such as "Out of Office Reply". Leave the default "any" selection in "If any of the following conditions are met".

For the initial condition, select Account from the first dropdown menu, and then choose the email account that you want your out-of-office rule to apply to from the condition's second dropdown menu. In the second condition under "Perform the following actions:", select Reply to Message from the dropdown menu.

Send automatic Out of Office replies from Outlook for Mac

Now click Reply message text In the input window that appears, type the text you want to appear in the automatic response email that will be sent when you're away. Click OK to close the input window when you're done. Click OK to close the Rules dialog box.

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At this point, Apple Mail will ask if you want to apply the new rule to existing messages in your mailbox. Be very sure to respond to this question with a negative. In other words, click Do Not Apply , for the simple reason that clicking the alternative "Apply" option will cause Mail to send the automatic reply to all the messages currently sitting in your inbox, and you don't want that! Your out-of-office reply rule is now active. Leave things as they are and keep your Mac on, and all incoming messages to that account will be responded to automatically.

To make the out-of-office reply inactive upon your return, simply uncheck the box next to the said rule.

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The next time you're away, simply check the box again to reactivate it. And that's it. It's worth noting that you can tweak the rule's conditions to suit your needs — so that the out-of-office reply is only sent out to specific people, or only in response to emails with certain subjects, for example. Tag: iCloud Guide. Top Rated Comments View all. The method i described sets a server side rule so it works all the time and is the correct way to do this I believe this is only for Exchange-based corporate servers.

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That is correct. Have literally never had this happen to me, and honestly it is the first time I've heard of it Could be a widespread problem, but not something I have ever encountered Mac mail is horrible - I still want to know why I cant delete all emails via ipad or iphone, without doing some stupid trick. As mentioned above, this is iOS you are talking about and not Mac Mail But maybe you could explain a little more What exactly is the problem? So saying the Mac app Sucks, because on your phone you cannot delete things The rule is added to the list and the box in the Active column is checked, indicating that the rule is active.

How to set up Auto Reply to Email - Mac

If you are not going to be out of the office quite yet, uncheck the box next to the new rule you just created. When you are ready for your automatic reply to be sent out, you can come back to this window and check it. As long as the rule is active, any email that is received in our HTG Email account is replied to with the custom message we set up. Each sender will receive the automatic reply every time they send you an email.

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If you close Apple Mail, the automatic replies will not be sent out, but they will be once you open Apple Mail again and receive email messages in your inbox for the account selected in the rule. That means if you close Apple Mail with the rule active before you leave, when you come back and open Apple Mail again, all the emails that you receive in your inbox will be automatically replied to at that point. You still receive all emails sent to you and each one will have a reply icon to the left of the subject line, indicating an automatic reply has been sent out for that message.