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You also get access to apps that let you edit Microsoft Office files on mobile devices. Android and Windows phones and tablets , and the iPhone , iPad , and iPod touch are all supported. You can put MS Office on five tablets and five smartphones as well. You must have a Microsoft account to get the free trial of Microsoft Office.

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A new account can be created from the Microsoft Account page. If this is your first time using your email address on Microsoft's site, you might be asked some introductory questions like your name. You cannot sign up for the MS Office trial twice, so if you attempt to get the trial from the same account that accessed it once before, you'll see a message that says " Sorry, this offer is for new customers only. Follow through the wizard on the website to download Microsoft Office.

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In other words, click Next until you reach a place where you have to enter payment details. When asked about payment, please note that although this trial is percent free, Microsoft will try to make you pay for it after the trial by gathering your payment details right now. Download Microsoft Publisher Latest version Type your search here:.

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Microsoft Publisher Latest version A desktop publishing application Microsoft Publisher affords the ability to create an array of publications such as newsletters, flyers, magazines, newspapers and posters; essentially anything that requires a combination of high quality images and impressive text. Used extensively in the marketing and design industries, Microsoft Publisher is used to create highly visual graphical publications, but is not limited to this.

It can also be used by individuals with simpler goals, such as designing greeting cards or publishing flyers. Microsoft Publisher is a trialware or shareware program, meaning that it can be downloaded and used for free, but only to an extent as some features and capabilities are only unlocked once the full version is purchased. This is a word processing application that is bundled in with the Microsoft Office software suite. Microsoft Publisher is included, along with Word, in some of the premium and more expensive editions of the Microsoft Office software suite.

Is there Microsoft Publisher for Mac? What do you use instead? After all, the key value proposition of Mac computers for the longest time has been an abundance of platform-specific designer-oriented software.

What Is the Mac Equivalent to Microsoft Publisher? |

One of those options is Swift Publisher. What exactly is a Microsoft Publisher equivalent for Mac? There are certain tools that professional full-time designers use to create books, brochures, and printed advertising. Generally, those apps take hundreds of hours to get a grasp of and, even after you know them quite well, demand highly manual approach.

The other category is software that was designed to be accessible to all but which is still capable of producing results comparable to its highly specialized alternatives. Microsoft Publisher is certainly in that camp, and by comparison Swift Publisher is too.

Microsoft Publisher 2010 - link to 60-Day free Trial

Swift Publisher provides you with more than templates and 2, royalty-free images right from the get-go. To accompany all these images, the app also features a built-in image editor you can use for any necessary cropping or color correction. You can also change the template yourself with regards to master pages, grid, layers, tables, and more. For example, calendars and maps can be added in a snap to show timelines and directions.

Microsoft Office Publisher 2013

New QR codes can be created to guide users to where you want them to go. Printing your project has never been so seamless.

How To Open A Microsoft Publisher file on a Mac

First you can simply check out the layout integrity by printing samples at home. When you get the result you seek, the app allows you to further fine-tune the image resolution, mark bleeds, and customize anything else required by your commercial printer. Swift Publisher offers all the same features and more in a convenient and approachable package.