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Double-click the InstallESD. This will mount the InstallESD image on your Mac's desktop and open a Finder window that displays the contents of the mounted file. You may notice that the mounted image seems to contain only a single folder, named Packages. In actuality, there's an entire bootable system on the image file that is hidden.

How to make a bootable Lion install disc or drive

We need to use Terminal to make the system files visible. When you've done that, we can continue. We're going to use this Finder window in subsequent steps, so leave this window open. Make sure the target USB flash drive is connected to your Mac. Select the BaseSystem. It may be listed near the bottom, after your Mac's internal and external drives.

If the BaseSystem. Once the file is present in the Disk Utility sidebar, be sure to select BaseSystem. Click the Restore tab. In the Restore tab, you should see BaseSystem. If not, drag the BaseSystem. Drag the USB flash drive from the left-hand pane to the Destination field. The next step will completely erase the contents of the USB flash drive or any other bootable device you dragged to the Destination field.

Click the Restore button. You'll be asked if you're sure you want to erase the USB flash drive and replace its contents with BaseSystem. Click the Erase button. If requested, supply your administrative password and click OK.

How to create a bootable installer for macOS

The restore process will take a bit of time. Keep this Finder window open, because we'll be making use of it in subsequent steps. Open the Installation folder. Step 2 : On the left, you'll see all the available drives. Insert the USB drive and watch as it appears on that list.

Drag and drop it under the drive names in the Disk Utility app. Step 4 : Next, select the file, and then click on "Burn" in the same window. In the popup that appears, select your destination drive, which is the USB flash drive you want to burn the DMG file to. Click "Burn" in the popup window. Once the process is complete, remove the USB stick and use it to install the application associated with that DMG on any other Mac computer. The interface is very simple, and all you need to do is click a few times and the job is done for you. Assuming you have a USB drive with enough capacity, it can hold several programs.

DMG Editor doesn't require any technical expertise because it is specifically designed for new users who may not be comfortable handling disk images. All the hard work is done behind the scenes, and the layout is intuitive enough for any novice to figure out what to do. Install DMG Editor after downloading it from the official site. Insert your USB drive into a free port. Click on Burn.

How to Make a Bootable MacOS Mojave Installer Drive

That's it! I changed it to Untitled and it worked! Thanks for the solution! I have created the bootable usb and i have booted to the clean install installer but right after selectinv the Install macOS mojave from the option screen wjen it goes to boot the usb apple logo it brings a prohibitory sign at middle of loading to install macOS mojave i have checked the checksum of the downloaded file but looks like it ia ok , i have also checked the startup disk with first aid everything seems ok but still get the prohibitorh sign , i was able to update to mojave but not clean installinv this is really wierd : any soloution to this?

Ummm, if this bootable drive will be used just to install Mojave on other Macs then why go through all the hassle of creating the drive when all you have to do is copy the Mojave installer file directly to the USB drive and then double-click on the installer file? You can boot up a Mac with the disk, then do whatever you want; format it, update it, perform other tasks from the boot disk. Yes you can use DiskMaker to create a boot MacOS Mojave installation disk, but why bother getting a third party app when you can do it all yourself from the command line? Bear in mind that the case for doing this at all on modern Macs is slimmer than ever if all you want to do is clean install the OS onto one particular machine.

I always get an error on the globe after I connect to the Internet, and sometimes even before. So, the USB key is still very important. I think your issue is that you are issuing the wrong syntax when trying to run the command. The command line requires exactly precise syntax. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Ed says:. July 30, at pm.

How to Make a MacOS Mojave Installer USB Boot Drive

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