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Strange Dreams brings the focus and ambition of Alex's songwriting to all aspects of his music, delivering an incredibly personal and intimate album that feels mature while maintaining the youthful humor that has become his trademark. Tight rhythms tie down whirling guitars, sparkling textures bounce off of timeless melodies, and ambition beyond humble means are realized in Alex Calder's latest album.

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Ghostly vibes effortlessly find their way into songs that possess a certain sense of urgency both lyrically and sonically. It is most certain that Alex Calder is well on his way to amassing a catalog that will be coveted by record collectors, and casual listeners alike. Walter TV. McMurray and McGarry moved to Montreal, while Ankenman went his separate way to pursue an "outdoors-inspired" lifestyle. It was there, in their small apartment, that they recorded their cult breakthrough album, Appetite.

However, despite their shift in priorities, the duo continued to develop the music of Walter TV in any spare time they had. The creative process of Walter TV is free form and organic, with each member's input equally valuable as the others. The result of this artistic autonomy is a unique sound built upon frenetic percussion, warbling vocals, abstract guitar, and a resonant bass line. Appetite will be re-released August 26th on Sinderlyn, fully remastered and featuring NUMBER new tracks, thus re-introducing Walter TV into the world and serving as a precursor of what's to come in There are currently no videos.

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Check back soon. Partners of the Rialto Theatre. The Rialto Theatre Foundation is a c 3 non-profit organization dedicated to the stewardship and preservation of the historic Rialto Theatre, a unique entertainment venue and cornerstone of downtown Tucson, offering a broad range of high-quality performing arts that are reflective of the diverse and vibrant community it serves.

Gallery Contests. As always: if you have suggestions or a submission email blog kcou. Vinyl records are making a major resurgence. This is not a new movement either — for the past twelve consecutive years there has been growth in the number of physical vinyl records being bought. As CDs become outdated, their […]. This upbeat, groovy tune will surely impress those who enjoy a nice smooth chord progression.

Needless to […]. This is his first solo release since his album Blank Face LP. We do too. Luckily, our own Olivia Moses takes us back with an audio postcard. Meet: Summer Like the Season, one of the buskers from the festival. The Resurrection of RecordsVinyl records are making a major resurgence. In , politics hit hard, pop culture clamored and us radio DJs kept our heads afloat.

One factor connected it all: music. And in , music was good. When it comes to contemporary language, though, some […]. The performance was filled with some great instrumentation and fantastic vocals, and the band had an […]. Mick Jenkins — Smoking Song feat. Opening up with a smooth bass line and flourishing woodwinds, he creates a rich jazz vibe right off the bat. Combined with his voice, which adds to the intimacy of the song, Jenkins transports the […].

KCOU: How has the […]. Asian Doll — Headspin feat. By Theo Bloom Yung Forehead Wrinkles The year has been a fantastic year for music; there have been incredible albums released in a wide-ranging swath of genres. Despite this, there is one category of music that seems to be left to the wayside: Novelty music. Truly silly natured novelty music seems to be a […]. Despite the dire subject matter, the chill vibes sent through the stumbling beat will keep you moving. By Evan […]. As a bonus, he includes sounds from his new home of Boston under the track, making it fresh while retaining his usual personality.

By Theo Bloom Chic makes a forceful and funky return to the spotlight after a 25 year hiatus with the album Its About Time. The self-proclaimed boyband continued with the uniqueness it has been known for with its arrival.

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What sets this release apart from their […]. She effortlessly floats across this entire album, lyrically and spiritually. Kanye is no stranger to things that somehow manage to be good and bad. On ye, he decides to release a seven-song, minute album that was pretty clearly written and produced within the last month […]. It is a great track for those specific moments where the stress fades and your life begins.

If you like this track, […]. By Ryan G. Lionmilk is an anomaly among the ocean of so-called lo-fi beat makers of this digital era. Strapped with some heavy jazz piano skills, he plays his own melodies and sings his own harmonies, placing him in a musical world of his own. In a single released last week, Lionmilk cooked up a […]. Kyren Penrose from The Adaptation talks about the Blues and his future work status — as a happy gas station employee.

By Owen Brock For the longest time, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya was unable to eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch, a delicious breakfast cereal intricately sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. By Elena K.

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Cruz If 18andCounting could make any animal become the size of a horse, he would choose an ant. Miracle Berries. A whole new drug that can change their world. Just kidding. Kind of. These berries, which were compressed into pill-like forms and bought from Amazon, turn sour foods sweet.

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The single has drawn many comparisons to the late Prince who has working on the new album with Monae before he passed away in He gave her the […]. With production hailing from the likes of Swarvy, this new track is coated with dust and character. This track is challenging — even jarring at first — but the complex production will capture the listener and become a […]. By Noah McCarty A rework of a song from the previous release of Twin Fantasy, Car Seat Headrest frontman Will Toledo rebuilds the song from the ground up to provide a track that is far superior to its predecessor.

Psychedelic, tense, and containing a rousing late-song chorus, High to Death is yet more proof that […]. With steady synth notes underlying a dizzy atmosphere, this song chills you out while captivating your attention at the same time. Add […].

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And I mean really brings it. End of the day, if you want to hear a banger, tune […]. One song that stands out is The Night Song. By Evie Stone The soulful ballad, produced by Kendrick Lamar, is a powerful song that contains a powerful message. This is a horribly […]. I […]. By Owen Brock Once again, Frank Ocean has released a gorgeous single for us all to sit in the dark and experience.

Beneath the video lies the […]. Dog has always possessed the ability to create groovy, low-fi rock music, their songs are typically more upbeat and optimistic in the face of struggles. Scott McMicken sings of […]. Nothing good ever comes easy, […]. OPAL is giving you that West […]. There are hints of influence from their past projects, especially noticeable in the vocals, exemplified through some lyrics sounding intentionally strained as […].

Now introducing our updated Spotify playlist! It will recycle each week with the new adds. Sick cool smart awesome hip funky nice! The clear, ambient […]. I promise you […]. By Ben Luty In case you forgot about what it was like to be an angsty teen, Jeff Rosenstock is out here reminding us that the punk dream is alive and well. No longer center stage is […]. Her newest single Vice City is a good introduction to her slower side, showing off her vocals at the forefront with not much else besides a minimal […].

By Elorm Nutakor As winds down, I am inclined to reminisce about the past year. So I present this article as the first in a series of snapshots into the souls of people who grew up in the previous decade. With the help of Columbian singer, Kali Uchis, and fuzzy guitar tones, this track is one of the most upbeat songs from the new album. Wavehouse carefully chooses the lyrics in […]. By Will Udo Well, well, well.

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Here we are again, reading into the artistry and narrative work of fairly new musical composition. Being on the forefront of cutting-edge culture comes with a deep responsibility. The responsibility of always having the courage to try novel things regardless of negative or inadequate outcomes. So here we are, […].

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By Owen Brock Lo-fi master and Portland based beatmaker Rook1e released this single twelve days ago, containing laid-back sampled dialogue before entering into a melody of piano and mixed beats. Thanks […]. Personally, […]. On this track, Miguel gives off major carefree, funky vibes as he displays both his versatility and vocal range.

The lyrics allow Miguel to express his […]. Featuring an upbeat, bouncy instrumental served up by Edsclusive, Cyhi and West take turns dismissing their haters before Yeezy ups the ante. By Riley Evans Young Fathers are back, after an almost three-year hiatus from their last album, with a hymnal-esque single alongside an announcement that a new album has just finished completion. In the lyrics he talks of the various addictions in day to day life and how none of them give him the […].

With repetitive patterns of charged rhythm, this track will hype anyone up. Nokia also recently displayed a badass act against racism on a subway in […]. All the MGMT staples are here: cryptic lyrics, danceable beats and an attention to detail that raises the band above other synth-pop acts. By Will Udo Lead singer of Hiatus Kayote, Nai Palm, drops her much anticipated new album with an array of sounds that magnetically attract and ease the ear.

The Melbourne native carries futuristic neo-soul energy within her voice along with her streamline guitar plucks. While beautiful screens and many cool new features were presented, the devices lack a feature advertised pretty heavily on the previous model: The 3. Apple shocked the world with […]. By Jordan Look Although the subject matter is heavy as H.

While some would think this subject matter would call for a sad, melodic tone, she comes strong with a background […]. By Alec Stutson With its offbeat drums and jazzy, middle eastern sounding arpeggios, King Gizzard begins its minute progressive symphony with style and flair. Crumbling Castle eschews the usually-driving […].

Her use of combination and juxtaposition of style in the album is apparent all the way, prompting listeners to dance in […]. Her latest project, About Time, blesses us with tracks that make you want to fall in love. The subjects all between ages 58 and […]. This song is way cooler than anything […]. By Ryan Groom Dallas musician Liv. As if the original track could get any funkier, the flip features sun-dried e-piano chords and swing-heavy drums, ultimately forming a true throwback to more soulful times.

By Elorm Nutakor When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for a man to honor the one and only Aubrey Graham in the month he was born, the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare their admiration. Every October, I like to take some time out of my busy schedule to […]. I dare you to try to listen […]. If […]. Playing this song on any block or on any hour on the clock will […].

Dropping from his forthcoming album, this track feels reminiscent, of an older and and funkier vibration. Blessed with witty […]. By Will Udo Who is Laila is you ask? And what is this wisdom she supposedly holds and attains?

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Well, it is I, her Wonderful Wisdom here to provide you with a touching sense of wit and a glimpse of the internal intuition of Marlanna Evans. Born at the height of the crack-cocaine era in […]. Klyne shows off this track on their debut self titled album along with plenty of other great songs. By Steven Colaianni Dreamy, bedroom beatmaker Giraffage, known for side-stepping conventional EDM fare, teams up with Japanese Breakfast to deliver a soft-spoken, but powerful and energetic track.

Dear Spotify, There comes a time when a real one must bear his soul. Maybe this level of vulnerability will bring solace to other real ones in the process. For even if one person finds their voice through this, it will have been worth the effort. So this goes out to all the real ones: […]. Beneath the pop-culture pastiche is a fairly simple but interesting message about the anxiety of youth. This is the perfect song to use to celebrate the last days of summer.

By Ashwini Mantrala This track is one of the more unique voices from the underground teams with one of the biggest new stars in music for a Nickelodeon sans the trap ballad. CHAL Aug. CHAL said about his social media presence. View the […]. By Will Udo year-old singer and artist Kelela Mizanekristos previews a new track for her anticipated album. By Ryan Groom B. By Ethan Brown For the first time in U. James Blake if you want to tap into your misery :. The britpop genius gone electronica pioneer has a backlog spanning almost 3 decades now, giving us quite a bit of […].

The Atlanta rapper dropped a self titled debut mixtape that has been receiving a lot of buzz. One of the most popular songs on the mixtape is Magnolia, which I personally love. Magnolia really showed its potential through my car stereo, which is how I can […]. It is no secret that Ocean has struggled with coming to terms with his sexuality since he earned his place in the spotlight, and that is often the inspiration behind his music.

Right out of the gate, we get a taste of a fast-paced, catchy synth […]. This year has already seen a great deal of new releases from artists across genres, but the year has been especially fruitful for indie rock so far. All of these albums are good, each in their own way—both […]. Lamar has always been at the forefront of revolution and this album was another aspect of that. You can experience the song with eyes closed here. Led by some skewed metallic beats, the vocals lead you into an explosion of sound, transforming the song into something very much worth listening to.

All I Care About is a romantic and a little desperate confession of feelings to someone who seems like they might not feel the same. Claudio shows her vulnerability and takes us on a trip to finding comfortability in being alone. The smooth soft tone of her voice adds to the imagery in the lyrics.

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The listeners come to understand how it feels to be confidently lost. On this song, Goldlink does 2 interesting things. But more importantly, he pays his respects to those from D. Now Wale is my Nigerian brother and I support him regardless of his […]. Wale and Eric go back and forth rapping catchy rhymes. The hook has a smooth bounce to it and is an ode to how important it is […].

Ross uses the classical soul tunes to compliment his catchy rhymes. This week, we have a spring-ready and guitar heavy release schedule, with new albums tomorrow from Spoon and Real Estate. With the […]. The gentle strumming guitar and and his Elliot Smith-esque crooning, accompanied by the twanging fiddle and delicate harmonization present a much subtler and melodic alternative to his other new single, […]. The great streaming debate has raged on for over a decade now.

While I could tell you the relative advantages of streaming vs. He's hot and cold, twisted and beautiful and reels in your cozying affection through wistful verse, entrancing rhythms and weighty synthesized pleas. He strings you along. A thrust and a swoon, a lover lost, he asks you to come back to him. And you do.

And then he leaves, with cigarette smoke marking his trail. Since the press widely dubbed him an "artist to watch" in with his debut New Radar LP, thanks largely to his casual knack for pop hooks and wild child experimentalism, Love returns with the "Cool" single with some new tricks in his bag.

Expanding his operation with a full band, there's a new freedom that's becoming on him with charismatic certitude to his delivery. Pucker up.